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Frequently asked questions

Is this a CORE clone?

— No, its not a clone, its a highly modified fork.

We took the original CORE code and forked it to our liking. Same with the token economics. We are laying down a safe and strong foundation that we can build on top.

However we have some key differences and we can move fast, very fast! So we believe there will be a lot of farmers who prefer N3RDz.

Does that mean N3RD.FINANCE will have a similar “roadmap”/development?

Yes and no ????. We are pretty capable of implementing any of the hottest innovations we see in the space, however, everything will be filtered and adjusted to our vision and discussed with the N3RDz community.

Who is Nerd GOD? (the dev)

To avoid unnecessary speculations, the identity of Nerd God will stay hidden. Let’s just say he is a seasoned senior dev and an absolute mega NERD????.

• Nerd God rarely talks human language.

• Nerd God not only write code, but he also drinks and eats code!

• We are N3RD finance!

• In GOD we trust – > In CODE we trust! 🙌🤓

STAKING - What happens after the end of the 14 days lock period ?

You continue to get rewards with your stake. No need to do anything. From now on, you can quit the pool whenever you want (a button appears, if not, clear cache in your browser & refresh the page to see it).

If you quit the pool and re-enter, the 14 days lock will be active again.

STAKING - How to stake?

Please follow this guide: Staking guide

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